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Cognito 2.5-inch Elite Leveling Kit with Elka 2.5 Resevoir shocks for 22-22 Ford F-150 2WD/4WD

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We have bundled everything you need in a leveling kit for your F-150 2WD/4WD with high quality Cognito components.

There is no guesswork. Cognito components are engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. The Cognito 2.5 Inch Performance Uniball Leveling Kit includes the Cognito Uniball SM Series Upper Control Arm Kit, Elka 2.0 IFP Coilovers and rear shocks

The Cognito Uniball SM Series Upper Control Arms add style, function and performance to your vehicle by correcting the uniball angle for lifted and leveled applications and improving the allowable droop travel for a better ride quality.

The Elka 2.5 shocks feature Dual Speed Compression adjustment and provide better attenuation of vibration, leading to major noise reduction in the cabin (much less squeak and rattle), damping characteristics optimized for each truck and setup, providing a smoother ride.

Increased comfort in both on road and off-road conditions, especially over washboard and square-edge impacts, more stable and more predictable handling, reduced front-end diving when cornering or braking reduced rear-end bucking and lifting, and increased damping and spring rate for better handling when towing or loading truck.

Each Kit Features:

  • Yields 2.5-inches of front lift
  • Cognito Uniball SM Series Upper Control Arm Kit
  • Control arms include provisions for the Platinum model headlight sensor
  • 1.25 FK Rod Ends Uni-ball joint with corrected joint angle to handle the required articulation
  • Maintains adequate droop travel to retain ride quality
  • Enhances the truck's appearance and reduces the factory nose down rake
  • Elka 2.5 Reservoir Coilovers and rear shocks
  • Allows up to 35 in. x 12 in. tire on a 9-in. Wide wheel with a 5.75-in. backspacing
  • Maintains adequate droop travel to retain ride quality
  • 5-hour DIY install time