Ram Lower Control Arm Dual Durometer Bushing 16MM Bolt 2.618 Inch Wide Synergy MFG

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Synergy Dodge Lower Control Arm Dual Durometer Bushing DDB Series 2.618 Inch Wide W/16mm Bolt

  • Fits Synergy 8551-02, 8563-02, 8583-02
  • Synergy Dual Durometer Bushing (DDB) Series
  • Feature a maintenance free, grease less design
  • Self centering with 30 degrees of misalignment (4320-01, 4320-02, 4320-03)
  • Outer inchsoft inch durometer acts as bushing cushion and flex material
  • Inner inchhard inch durometer lining acts as the bearing surface to allow free floating inner sleeve to rotate. Provides for a maintenance free inchzero bind inch bushing
  • Internal bushing ring separates inner and outer materials to prevent inner sleeve gaping at extreme flex
  • Direct replacement available for aftermarket control arms using OEM Clevite style lower control arm bushings
  • Bushings available for all suspension components made by Synergy MFG as well as many other companies
  • Bushings are sold complete with inner sleeve installed
  • Sold Individually