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Cognito Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit For 11-19 Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 2WD/4WD

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11-19 trucks did not come with an OEM steering stabilizer, however there are mounting provisions to add a steering stabilizer.

Adding the Cognito pitman and idler arm support kit removes the need for a steering stabilizer and offers more benefits than the stabilizer does. For customers who wish to use both the Cognito Pitman Idler Arm Support Kit and a steering stabilizer must use this mounting kit to drop the frame mounting end of the stabilizer down to clear the Pitman Idler Arm Support Kit brackets.

Each Kit Features:

  • Relocates steering stabilizer frame mount to allow for clearance of Cognito Pitman Idler Arm Support Kit
  • Includes required relocation hardware