CTT EZ Lynk TUNE ONLY for 6.7 Cummins 2019-2020

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Pricing is for tuning only, NO HARDWARE is included. The AutoAgent must be sourced elsewhere. A bypass cable IS REQUIRED for installation and is sold separately. 



Once you have placed the order for EZ Lynk tuning, you will receive a confirmation email and a second email stating your order has been PROCESSED. After you have received the email stating your order has been PROCESSED, please carefully read and follow the steps below.

1. Connect the Auto Agent to the OBDII port, and then turn the ignition to the RUN position.
2. Connect to the EZ Lynk WiFi.
3. Open the Auto Agent app.
4. You should see a prompt stating your VIN is set up to link with tech@cttttuning.ca.
5. Click the Lynk button.
6. Once linked, click the Main Menu button in the upper left corner. Click Vehicles, and then ECU Profiles.
7. You should now be able to see the available profiles shared to you.

If you manually linked your vehicle to CTT Tuning before your order has been processed, this will disrupt the sharing process. To access the tune files, unplug the Auto Agent from the OBDII port, and remove the vehicle from your Garage on the EZ Lynk app. Once the vehicle has been removed from your account, follow the steps above.

If you have modified the fuel system (injectors or injection pump) you will initially receive tuning for a STOCK fuel system. Please wait to flash the vehicle until you have received the proper tuning for those modifications.

If you have a 68RFE transmission, you MUST follow the transmission relearn procedure noted in the instruction manual, regardless if you’re installing transmission tuning or not!

Click here for the EZ Lynk instruction manual.

If you have questions or complications with the EZ Lynk Auto Agent or the EZ Lynk app such as difficulty connecting to the Auto Agent or issues after a firmware update, please contact EZ Lynk at 877-207-5530 or support@ezlynk.com.



2019-2020 Ram: 

  • ECM Tuning and Optional TCM Tuning
  • Read & Clear Diagnostics Trouble Codes
  • Record Live Data & Playback Data Logs
  • Apple iOS & Android Smartphone support
  • Cloud Based Tuning Platform

2019-2020 Ram 6.7L Cummins SOTF Power Levels:

  • 0 HP – Optimized Stock
  • 30 HP – Tow
  • 80 HP – Sport
  • 130 HP – Performance
  • 180+ HP – Maxx Effort