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Danville Performance Billet 68mm Stg2R Drop in VGT 2004.5-2010 Duramax

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*Please allow 7-10 business days before this turbo will ship out.  

*Please allow a few weeks for custom powder coating. 

*If you are choosing the custom powder coat option please include color you would like it powder coated in the comments section at checkout. 

Custom Powder Coating colors can be chosen from the following website.  


All Duramax VGT Turbo's 

Need to use stock LBZ/LMM plastic mouthpiece (intake adapter) or better for proper performance and durability on LLY trucks and newer.   On LLY trucks with stock parts and BMW3794va going from stock LLY mouthpiece to LBZ mouthpiece (intake adapter) on max effort tune can be worth up to 60hp!   Will also spool faster with less smoke and lower egts.  

Click here for mouthpiece (intake adapter)

Click here for upgraded mouthpiece clamp  

*Does not work on LML's or newer.