Starlite Diesel

Starlite EFI Live Autocal V3 with Tunes for LML Duramax 2011-2016

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For factory emissions intact vehicles only
POWER LEVELS TO CHOOSE FROM: (Please include which one you'd like in your order comments if you chose the single tune option)
  • Single Tunes
    1. Economy 30HP
    2. Tow 75HP
    3. Street 100HP
    4. Race 150HP+ depending on modifications
  • SOTF (Switch-on-the-fly) 0-150HP+ depending on modifications


The AutoCal from StarLite Diesel for your 2011-2016 Duramax. This AutoCal includes 1 single tune or SOTF (switch on the fly - 5 switchable power levels) for your truck! If ordering a single tune, please specify if you want an economy, tow, street, or race power level tune in your modifications box.

Our Autocals have different power levels based on your truck and the modifications you have done to it. Pricing varies depending on what type of modifications are done to your truck, so when ordering please be sure to pick the option that corresponds to your modifications!

Tuning Levels:
Level 1 (included) = Stock turbo, injectors, and cp4. You will receive 1 standard tune + stock or SOTF + Stock
Level 2 = ONE of the following upgrades to your truck: Turbo, Cp3 swap or Injectors
Level 3 = Unlimited modifications to the truck