EFILive VIN License

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Purchase additional VIN Licenses for your AutoCal or FlashScan V2.

Purchasing VIN Licenses for your AutoCal or V2 allows you to tune additional vehicles per Tuning Model (GM or Cummins). Your V2 cable comes with 2 licenses already (1 license for AutoCal pre-loaded), but additional licenses can be purchased from Diesel Part Deals.

It will take 24 hours to receive your license(s) after payment is made. You will receive your codes via email and simply have to plug them into your device using the EFI Live tuning software on your computer!

Buying a VIN license requires 2 pieces of information:

First is the device's serial number, and the second is an Authentication code.

Both numbers may be obtained by:

1: plugging the device into a computer
2: running the EFILive Tune Tool
3: Choosing Help / FlashScan V2 VIN Licensing

For the S/N, Press the Copy button at the upper edge of the window and paste that into the Serial # box.

For the Auth code, chose the Authenticate tab at the bottom left of the panel and then press the Copy button just to the right of the Auth code and paste that into Auth Code box.

Having incorrect information entered into these two fields will result in your order being delayed! Please contact us if you need assistance.

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