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EPC Fooler Valve

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Increase the durability, line pressure, and performance of the Allison transmission in your 2011-2019 GM 6.6L Duramax LML and L5P with the EPC Solenoid Fooler Plug. From the factory, the function of the EPC solenoid is to increase line pressure during shifts up to 230 PSI and once the shift is complete, drop the pressure back down to 80 PSI. At 80 PSI your Allison can't hold the added stress of aftermarket upgrades or even towing a heavy load.

The EPC Fooler installs on the EPC Solenoid and installs back into the valve body allowing your transmission to effectively operate at 230 PSI all the time. The line pressure increase helps to eliminate clutch slippage, poor shifting performance, and it extends transmission life. The EPC Fooler Plug is easy to install and does not require valve body or transmission removal. This product is an excellent modifications for any upgraded LML or L5P truck. 

  • Easy Installation 
  • Increased Line Pressure 
  • Can Increase Transmission Longevity 
  • Enhances Transmission Performance
Application Note: 
The EPC Fooler should not be used in conjunction with transmission tuning or other pressure adding modifications. TCM tuning that does not increase line psi is perfectly fine though!