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Flux Series VCO Performance Injectors for 2003-2007 5.9 Cummins

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For sizes 30% over and larger, you will need to order SAC Nozzle injectors - click here to view


Performance injectors for 2003 to 2007 5.9 Cummins


These use a VCO style nozzle like used on your Cummins engine from the factory.  VCO nozzles have advantages in lower idle haze and unburned fuel smell in most cases.  The 3 year warranty set will be comparable to your factory injectors in specifications.  The 7 year warranty sets feature additional parts that extend their life such as improved sealing surfaces and finishes, hard metal valve seats and other processes.  The 7 year sets are all triple measured, pre-conditioned and double bench tested to insure they remain in specification for longer periods.  Both the 3 and 7 year injectors are bench tested and calibrated on the most accurate testing equipment available imported from Europe.  This equipment is so good that it is now being used by American Bosch here in the states. 

Our re-manufacturing process is second to none.  Everything about the injector is thoughtfully assembled, measured, calibrated, and final tested.  The savings between our re-man and new injectors is substantial and our warranty is longer than anyone!  With thousands of injectors built per year we know what parts fail and what works for the best long term durability.  No cheap or questionable parts are used because we warranty the injectors and stand behind them.  Nearly every injector company in the country has a 1 year warranty.  Our standard warranty is 3 years.  This can be extended to 7 years with purchase our carbon diamond coating on internal parts.

This is the best re-man on the market. We began re-manufacturing years before any other company in the USA so we have learned a few things.  They feature a 3 year warranty VS the industry standard of 1 year.  Only top grade premium parts are used.