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Starlite EZ Lynk Tuning + Hardware Package for Titan XD 5.0 Cummins

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For factory emissions intact vehicles only

Includes Titan XD Bypass Cable

The Starlite Diesel EZLynk Tuning for your Titan XD Cummins is an easy-to-use cloud based tuning device. EZLynk Tuning can be configured in a variety of different ways to suit the specific operational requirements and the needs of your truck based on your current modifications. (INCLUDES required EZLynk Tokens)

This package includes the hardware AND tunes required to tune your truck.


Tuning Levels:
Level 1  = Stock turbo, injectors, and cp4
Level 2  = ONE of the following upgrades to your truck: Turbo, Cp4 or Injectors
Level 3  = Unlimited modifications to the truck