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68RFE 550 HP Transmission Stage 1

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68RFE Transmission Stage 1

2007.5+ Ram 2500/3500 68RFE
550 Horsepower

The 68RFE Transmission Stage 1 unit was designed for trucks that have a hot tune and like to party on weeknds. The main upgrade in this unit is the converter and the billet channel plate to fix the notorious cross leaks of the 68RFE transmission unit. An optional billet input shaft can be added to this unit to help with heavy towing, or 4WD launches as the OE input shaft is a weak link.


68RFE Stage 1 Upgrades

High capacity input drum stackup (14 OD Clutches, 10 UD Clutches)
Billet dual disc converter (DPC or Suncoast)
HD LR Sprag wont flip
Billet DNJ valvebody setup (Sonnax accumulators, Overiszed Solenoid switch valve, Shift kit) Setup for 225 PSI
Borg clutches throughout 2/4c
4c Snap ring retainer
New Solenoid block OE
New line pressure sensor
New pistons and seals (mopar)
HD Cast deep pan PPE or kingspeed aluminum
Oversized valves in pump, All valves are vaccum checked and oversized if needed. TCC accum and reg and limit are ALWAYS oversized
Bearings and bushings are speced and replaced as needed
Steel Filter spin on insert
*Optional tuneless valvebody kit for trucks that have no transmission tuning. Increases line pressure to 200 hydraulically instead of through a tune.

68RFE Transmission Fitment

2007.5+ Ram 2500/3500 68RFE
Gear Ratios: 1st - 3.23, 2nd - 1.84, 3rd - 1.41, 4th - 1, 5th - .82, 6th - .63, Reverse - 4.44

The 68RFE transmission was released by Chrysler in mid 2007. Specifically designed for 2500 and 3500 Dodge Ram diesel trucks, the 68RFE was designed to handle the increased torque of diesel engines with modified internal components and a larger bell housing compared to that of it's 48RE and 545RE predecessors. The overdrive is a common 68RFE failure point. Benton's Diesel & Transmission offers 5 upgraded fully built 68RFE transmission solutions to meet the demands and applications of our customers. We build 68RFE transmissions with towing upgrades all the way to 1000+ horsepower units for racing.

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