Cleaning Kit For Precision II Cleaning and Oil Kit Red Oil Oiled S&B

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Precision II Cleaning and Oil Kit Red Oil Maximize the performance and longevity of your air filter. Works on any S&B filter and 95 percent of all other high performance air filters.

Remove and Clean sealing area of filter and filter housing with a Clean soft rag.

Tap the filter on a hard surface to remove and loosen large paricles and debris. (A soft brush may be used to loosen large particles of debris or bugs.)

Use S&B's Filter Cleaner to Clean the filter. Gently rinse out the Cleaner using low pressure water.

Let filter dry for at least 24 hours. Fill and Apply Fill applicator with exact amount of oil required for your filter. Starting 1/2 way from base make 2-3 passes around the circumfrence of the filter in the same area.

Repeat this process evenly spacing out the passes. Inspect and Install Allow oil to bleed for 20-30 minutes.Inspect the filter for any white areas the oil did not cover. With the remaining oil in the applicator apply a small amount of oil to those white areas. Do Not over oil your filter.

  • Filter Type Oiled
  • Oil Color Red