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Performance Injectors 2003-2007 5.9 Cummins

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Flux Diesel Performance injectors for 2003 to 2007 5.9 Cummins. SET OF 6 INJECTORS

Current Lead Times:

NEW 5 year warranty - 1-4 weeks
REMAN 3 or 7 year warranty - 4-8 weeks.

IMPORTANT NOTE - all 7 year warranty injectors require use of NEW, Flux connector tubes, and they are included in the price of the 7 year warranty injectors. These are recommended on 3 and 5 year warranty as well, but are NOT included in the price.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

VCO nozzles are used for 2004.5-2007 injectors from Stock size up to 22%. For all 2003-2004 injectors of all sizes, and 2004.5-2007 sizes 30% and above, these use a SAC style nozzle now being used in many Diesel applications, including the current Cummins engines in Dodge/Ram trucks. There can be some durability advantages with this style nozzle, but modern VCO styles are very durable now as well.  SAC styles give us more sizing flexibility and we can tune the fueling curve much easier as well.  3 and 7 year warranty options are high quality reman units, while the 5 year warranty option is built on a new injector. For sizes above 200%, only the 5 year option is available.

Our re-manufacturing process is second to none.  Everything about the injector is thoughtfully assembled, measured, calibrated, and final tested.  The savings between our re-man and new injectors is substantial and our warranty is longer than anyone!  With thousands of injectors built per year we know what parts fail and what works for the best long-term durability.  No cheap or questionable parts are used because we warranty the injectors and stand behind them.  Nearly every injector company in the country has a 1 year warranty.  Our standard warranty is 3 years.  This can be extended to 7 years with purchase our carbon diamond coating on internal parts.