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Hot Shot's Diesel Winter Rescue 32oz

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Re-Liquifies & De-Ices Gelled Diesel Fuel

This diesel fuel de-icer additive is a fully formulated emergency product that contains a military-grade de-icer and lubricity additive. It quickly re-liquifies gelled fuel and de-ices frozen fuel filters. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Rescue restores the power and flow of fuel to the engine.


  1. To De-Ice Frozen Fuel Filters: If the fuel in your fuel tank(s) is liquid but your engine won’t start, remove the engine’s fuel filters and fill with a blend of 50% Diesel Winter Rescue & 50% diesel fuel. Wait a few minutes for the de-icer to begin working through the gelled fuel lines and filters & then start the engine. Allow the engine to fully warm up before continuing normal operations.
  2. To Re-Liquify Gelled Fuel in Tanks: Add the entire contents (32 ounces) of Diesel Winter Rescue for every 40 gallons of fuel in the tank(s). Remove the engine’s fuel filters and fill with a mixture of 50% Diesel Winter Rescue & 50% diesel fuel. Reinstall the fuel filters and allow a few minutes for the de-icer to begin breaking down the gelled diesel fuel. Then start the engine and let it idle to warm up the fuel system. Allow the engine to fully warm up before continuing normal operations.


This quick thaw product for diesel engines is an emergency product and is not intended for everyday usage. For everyday purposes, use Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel for daily cold weather conditions.


Common Questions About Diesel Winter Rescue

You rely on your diesel fuel de-icer to get your engine running in emergency situations, so you want to choose a high-quality product you can count on. To help you make an informed purchasing decision, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about our diesel fuel de-icer additive below.



How does Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Rescue work?

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Rescue uses a military-grade de-icer to liquify frozen fuel, thaw frozen fuel filters and de-gel fuel in tanks, lines, pumps and filters. At the same time, Diesel Winter Rescue adds lubricity and improves fuel economy.

When using this diesel fuel de-icer additive to thaw ice in frozen fuel filters, remove the fuel filters and add equal parts Diesel Winter Rescue and diesel fuel. Then, reinstall the filters and start the engine. When using the additive to liquify gelled fuel, treat the fuel filters as described above and add 32 ounces of de-icer to the tank for every 40 gallons of fuel. Then, start the engine and allow it to idle as the fuel system warms up and gelled fuel is cleared.


When should I use Diesel Winter Rescue?

Diesel Winter Rescue is a diesel fuel de-icer additive intended for use in emergency situations only. You should use Diesel Winter Rescue as an emergency de-icer when your engine fails to start and you suspect frozen fuel or fuel filters may be the cause. For everyday cold weather conditions, use our Diesel Winter Anti-Gel instead of Diesel Winter Rescue.


Will Diesel Winter Rescue emergency de-icer work with my engine?

We have engineered Diesel Winter Rescue to work safely with all diesel engines, including marine, vehicle, construction, agriculture, RV and semitruck engines. Even small diesel engines and engines running on biodiesel fuel blends can benefit from this fuel de-icer.


How are Diesel Winter Rescue and Diesel Winter Anti-Gel different?

Diesel Winter Rescue is an emergency de-icer used for liquefying fuel and thawing fuel filters. Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is a fuel system icing inhibitor intended for daily use in cold weather. While Diesel Winter Rescue liquefies fuel after it has become frozen or gelled, Diesel Winter Anti-Gel prevents gelling and icing, improves cold starts and increases cetane. Both products work in diesel engines, but Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is more suited to preventive maintenance applications.


How can I store and use Diesel Winter Rescue safely?

Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Winter Rescue is an extremely effective diesel fuel de-icer. However, you should take appropriate safety precautions when storing and using it. Keep the container tightly sealed to prevent leaking and keep it away from sources of ignition. When using Diesel Winter Rescue, wear gloves and safety glasses and avoid allowing it to contact skin, eyes and clothing. See the Safety Data Sheet for detailed safety information.