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HSP Billet Thermostat Housing and Pipe for 2006-2010 Duramax

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The 041-HSP or HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit for the 2006-2010 Chevrolet and GMC Duramax-equipped trucks.

Why would you need an HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit?

The HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit is a great addition to many trucks that are out there today. The way the Chevrolet and GMC Duramax trucks route the factory coolant lines makes it extremely difficult to upgrade turbochargers and many other performance accessories. Because of this when people are chasing the power and looking to change up their stock setups to something a little more radical the HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit is exactly what they need.

What Does the HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit do Differently?

First off let’s look at the fact that our HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit is exactly what we said, it’s a billet piece of equipment that makes things leaps and bounds easier to use. Now let’s go to what exactly do we make easier? The HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit removes the factory coolant hose that crosses over the driver-side valve cover. The reason this is so crucial is that space is already so limited, and if you are looking to change up the turbo or needing to add in dual CP3 pumps then this is something that you are going to need.

What comes with the HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit?

  • (1) Thermostat Housing O-Ring
  • (4) M8 x 1.25-25mm Socket Cap Bolt
  • (4) M6 x 1.0-18mm Socket Cap Bolt
  • (1) 1.75" x 3" Straight Boot
  • (1) 1.75" x 90° Boot
  • (4) 1-3/4" Worm Gear Clamps

Special note

At this time HSP Diesel is making a running change in boot style. This means you will possibly get boots with no logos on them. Please know we are doing this to make sure we can continue to provide you with the high-quality parts you have gotten from HSP Diesel in the past.

What does the HSP Billet Thermostat Housing kit fit?

  • LBZ: 06-07 VIN Code 2 or D
  • LMM: 07.5-10 VIN Code 6

How do people know the VIN code?

Engine code is dictated by the 8th character of the VIN number. The 10th character is the year of the truck.


  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Thermostat upper housing
  • Allows for added room for aftermarket turbochargers
  • Easier access to fuel system components on driver side valve cover
  • Powder-coated hard tube to improve the look of the engine bay
  • Allows room for the dual CP3 Pump Kits
  • Multiple Color Options for a custom look

Our Warranty


At HSP we believe in our products and we stand firmly behind every single one that leaves our facility. For years we have taken care of almost everything & anything that our customers had issues with, but we didn’t have a “set in stone” warranty. We have always gone above and beyond for our customers which set us apart from the rest. We will continue that same standard, but now we are taking things to the next level. Below you will be able to clearly read & understand our “No BS” warranty, its process, and the guidelines in which to follow.