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HSP CP3 Swap Kit for LML Duramax 2011-2016

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Stock or Sportsman pump will support up to around 650HP (the Sportsman pump supplies more fuel than the stock pump beyond 3000rpm)

10mm will support up to around 800HP

12mm will support up to around 1000HP

12mm XP will support up to around 1300HP+


Don’t let the failure prone CP4 pump in your 2011-2016 Duramax leave you stranded with a several thousand dollar repair bill. When the CP4 pump fails it will send metal particles though your fuel system causing catastrophic damage to the injectors, sensors, and fuel rails. This kit will come with everything necessary to replace your CP4 pump with a tried and true CP3 pump. Not only will you and your fuel system benefit from the reliability and peace of mind, but you will also notice an increase in performance due to the higher flow from the CP3 pump. With three different pump sizes to choose form, this kit will work on your daily driver or your weekend warrior. Our CP3 conversion kit will utilize the factory fuel line in the valley, unlike other kits on the market that have a tendency to leak fuel at the flair increasing install time and a serious fire hazard if unnoticed. The kit also features the ability to run the factory fuel filter, or if you are running an aftermarket lift pump you can feed fuel directly to the pump though the high flow ½” fitting and pre-molded hose. Don’t be left on the side of the road and order yours today.