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HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank 2001-2007 Duramax

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The 027-HSP or HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank for the 2001-2007 Chevrolet and GMC Duramax is something that works for everyone and any of the applicable trucks.

The HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank is an attention grabber right off the bat. With its custom look but factory fitment, you can rest assured that having this under the hood of your truck will be something that drastically changes and draws your eyes immediately.

Why Would you need an HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank?

As time goes on our trucks get older, the factory parts start to wear and we begin the process of needing to get new and improved replacements for those parts. Now the factory coolant tank is fine it really does work and gets the job done but because of its plastic design it’s only a matter of time before it cracks, or splits, or just straight up fails due to its design. That’s why HSP designed and moved forward with our Factory Replacement coolant tank.

What Does The HSP Factory Replacement Tank do Differently?

Before we talk about what HSP Diesel did differently when designing our tank let’s first talk about the factory one a little bit more. The factory tank is a plastic design that honestly looks dirty all the time and is just something that when you are trying to dress up the engine bay there’s not much you can do to make the factory one look good or last. So HSP Diesel created the Factory Replacement Tank we started with the material using aluminum. We then CNC cut and bend them and finish with hand welds done by our top of the industry welders. Adding all of the factory provisions and fittings needed for this is a drop-in replacement tank, and also uses a factory low coolant sensor to prevent any check engine lights or notifications. Now the major reason we created this was to prevent failures. The HSP Factory Replacement Tank is made to stand the test of time and won’t crack or fail like the factory tank did or will, and let’s be honest with our powder coating options and custom color options this tank is going to be the first thing that is looked at under the hood when you open it.

What comes with the HSP Factory Replacement Tank?

  • (1) LB7-LBZ Factory Replacement Coolant Tank
  • (1) Radiator Cap (806-RFAB)
  • (1) LB7-LMM Low Coolant Sensor (459-RFAB)
  • (1) 1/2" Worm Gear Clamp (405-RFAB)
  • (1) 1" Worm Gear Clamp (406-RFAB)

What Does the HSP Factory Replacement Tank fit?

  • LB7: 01-04 VIN Code 1
  • LLY: 04.5-05 VIN Code 2
  • LBZ: 06-07 VIN Code 2 or D

How do people know the VIN code?

Engine code is dictated by the 8th character of the VIN number. The 10th character is the year of the truck.


  • Aluminum Material looks better and last longer
  • Factory drop-in
  • Color options to match other parts
  • Factory provisions and sensors
  • Uses factory cap

Our Warranty


At HSP we believe in our products and we stand firmly behind every single one that leaves our facility. For years we have taken care of almost everything & anything that our customers had issues with, but we didn’t have a “set in stone” warranty. We have always gone above and beyond for our customers which set us apart from the rest. We will continue that same standard, but now we are taking things to the next level. Below you will be able to clearly read & understand our “No BS” warranty, its process, and the guidelines in which to follow.

For More information about our Lifetime, No BS Warranty click HERE.