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HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank 2011-2014 Duramax

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527-1-HSP is best known as the HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank for the 2011-2014 LML equipped Chevrolet and GMC trucks. The HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank is something that everyone can benefit from no matter if you are stock or not.

Why would you need the HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank for the 2011-2014 LML Trucks?

The factory coolant tanks in the LML Duramax are a failure point that will happen to everyone. We commonly see these tanks fail due to their design and the construction being of plastic. We also see almost every time the tanks quickly yellow and look awful under the hood of these trucks. With so many people trying to make their engine bays look better and better the factory coolant tank is something that in its stock form can not be fixed.

What does the HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank do differently?

To start we want you to know that the HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank is a drop-in style tank. You do not need anything else to install this and you do not need to change anything from the factory set up to take advantage of this tank. With that being said we did make some changes from the factory tank, we started with CNC bent, CNC cut, and hand-welded aluminum. We did this for two reasons, no more worries about plastic becoming brittle and cracking and we also were able to remove that yellow look that the plastic gets because we can now powder coat the tanks to match your engine bay. The HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank also comes with a factory low coolant sensor and all the proper fittings/provisions to clean up the engine bay and install. The HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank is made to look good and stand up to not only the test of time but also all the wear and tear that your truck sees.

What comes with the HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank?

  • (1) HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank
  • 1x Radiator Cap
  • 3x 1/2" Worm Gear Clamps
  • 1x 3/8" Coolant Plug
  • 1x 1" Worm Gear Clamp
  • 1x Low Coolant Sensor LML
  • 1x 1/2" NPT Float Switch
  • 14" of 1/2" Heater Hose

Special note

This only fits the 2011-2014 LML engines even though the Vin code is the same. This is due to small changes that were made in the engine bay. Please be sure you are ordering for the correct year truck.

What Does the HSP Factory Replacement Coolant Tank fit?

  • LML: 11+ VIN Code 8

How do people know the VIN code?

Engine code is dictated by the 8th character of the VIN number. The 10th character is the year of the truck.


  • CNC cut and bent aluminum construction
  • Uses factory low coolant level sensor
  • Powder coating options to dress up the engine bay
  • Drop-in replacement
  • No more plastic tank

Our Warranty


At HSP we believe in our products and we stand firmly behind every single one that leaves our facility. For years we have taken care of almost everything & anything that our customers had issues with, but we didn’t have a “set in stone” warranty. We have always gone above and beyond for our customers which set us apart from the rest. We will continue that same standard, but now we are taking things to the next level. Below you will be able to clearly read & understand our “No BS” warranty, its process, and the guidelines in which to follow.

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