PSC SG039 Steering Gearbox for 2001-2010 Duramax

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USE OF THIS STEERING BOX REQUIRES A 4 SPLINE PITMAN ARM. We recommend the Kryptonite 4 spline pitman arm:


On some trucks, the factory steering shaft will not fit the PSC gearbox without stretching out the opening slightly. This is normal. If your factory steering shaft does not fit and you do not want to stretch it out, you will need a new lower steering shaft, available by clicking HERE


The OEM steering gear in these trucks have always been a problem until now. PSC introduces the XD steering gear featuring a 45mm sector shaft and bearing to prevent the pitman arm and sector shaft to flex and cause the lower seal to fail. Larger teeth and other internal components have been increased in size to handle the loads when increasing tire size on your GM truck. This steering gear is also offered in a ported and balanced version for the SAS trucks that need the cylinder assist option. Offered only in a 4 spline sector shaft, if you have a 3 spline sector shaft you will need a new pitman arm.

100% New. Not a reman box like others on the market.