Inner Row Head Bolt Kit 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke XDP XDP

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The XDP Inner Row Head Bolt Kit XD3020HB is the perfect add-on when installing head studs on your 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. These heavy-duty inner row head bolts will allow you to replace the factory inner row head bolts and are a great addition to the XD3001HS Head Stud Kit for a complete upgrade.

The inner row head bolts secure the intake side of head to the block and help to properly complete the factory bolt torque sequence. These bolts are designed to provide you with proper clamping force to keep your engine from lifting the cylinder heads and blowing a head gasket. Kit includes 10 bolts and 10 washers. Assembly lubricant sold separately.

  • Set Of 10 Bolts and Washers
  • Great For Use With XDP Head Stud Kits
  • Secures The Intake Side Of Cylinder Head
  • Manufactured In An ISO/TS 16949 Quality Control Factory
  • Helps To Properly Complete The Factory Bolt Torque Sequence

Tech Tips:
XDP Thread Cleaning Chasers (Sold Separately):
Purchase the XD40128TC (for inner row bolts) to clean the threads in your engine block before installation. Thread Cleaning Chasers are an excellent tool to have on-hand so you can be sure that you've properly cleaned the threads in your engine block before the installation of any fasteners. Threaded holes that are cleaned and free of debris are crucial in providing accurate torque readings during your engine build or head gasket repair.

XDP X-TRA Slick Engine and Fastener Assembly Lubricant (Sold Separately):
The use of XD541 is highly recommended during engine assembly. Apply XDP X-TRA Slick Lubricant to head studs, head bolts, main studs, main bolts, connecting rod bolts, and any other fasteners used during engine assembly. Using a proper assembly lubricant during fastener installation reduces friction and torque pre-load scatter in the torquing sequence, while also helping to prevent thread galling and seizing.